Law Firm Time Warp!

Hi lawyers! If you run your own law firm it is safe for me to assume that you are SO BUSY! What would you do if you could create more time in your busy schedule each week? Would you coach your kid's soccer team? Grow your law practice? Even- GASP- take a nap?! Fortunately, there is a way for you to reclaim hours every single week and continue to earn income. Watch the following video to learn how this is possible!

Q&A Tuesday: Vacation Time?!

Hi lawyers- It's Q&A Tuesday! That means that I answer YOUR real-life questions regarding how to efficiently run your law practice! This week, personal injury attorney, Mike from Maryland writes: "Sonrisa- I am going on “vacation” tomorrow with my family (a week in Virginia at my mother-in-laws’ place) with no real itinerary — hoping to hike, golf, and spend some good time on the beach. I’m a solo practitioner, and I'm very stressed out with so much work to do before even leaving. I'm also worried that I won’t be able to really unplug. Is it possible? Interested in your thoughts/recommendations..." What would you tell Mike if he came to you with this question? Check out this video to see what I recommended!

The On-Demand Associate vs. The Full-Time Associate

Hey lawyers! A colleague asked me the other day why he should use a freelance attorney rather than simply hiring a young associate to assist him in his law practice. I responded that a freelance attorney is like having an ON-DEMAND ASSOCIATE available to you! I expanded upon my response in a way that might surprise you. Check out the video below to learn what I said!

You Say This To Your Clients Every Week, And You Hate It!

Hey lawyers! Is there anything that you say to your clients every week that drives you nuts?! You can barely stand to listen to yourself say it! My colleague, a solo practitioner, has a phrase that he constantly says to his clients every week. He hates saying it and can’t stand to hear himself utter those words. Watch this video to learn what my colleague did to solve his problem!

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Hi lawyers! Have you looked in the mirror lately? Go ahead. I'll wait... Do you look rested? Are you taking care of yourself? We lawyers have a tendency to work around the clock and often go without sleep, exercise, or downtime. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Check out this video to learn a strategy that you can implement today that will leave you with more time for numero uno... YOU!

Small Law Firms Running With the Big Dogs

Hey lawyers! Do you operate a solo practice or small-to-mid-sized law firm? Are you tired of losing clients to larger practices? Do you ever wish you could compete with the larger firms? Check out this video to learn the secret weapon that will help you to run with the big dogs!

Mo’ Money, No Problem

Hi lawyers! We’ve all heard the phrase… mo’ money, mo’ problems. But would having more money actually be an issue for you? Would more money, in fact, help to solve some of your problems? Check out this secret technique to quickly increase your firm's hourly earning potential!

Attack Of The Clones!!

Hi lawyers- Wish you could clone yourself? Want to DOUBLE your productivity? Well, you can! How often have you heard a colleague sigh and say, “If only there were two of me…” Perhaps you have even uttered these words yourself. Well, what WOULD you do if there were two of you? Watch this video to learn how you can actually clone yourself and get back some hours each week!

“Digital, Digital Get Down”

Hi lawyers! Is your law firm digital? Paperless? Are you tired of shuffling through paper files and lugging heavy briefcases and backpacks to court? Try going digital! There are many advantages to going digital. Check out this video to learn how going digital will ultimately save you time and help you to operate your law practice more efficiently!

Missed Your Kid’s Field Trip?!

Busy lawyers frequently miss out on family gatherings, social events, and their kids’ activities. Are you tired of always missing soccer games, school plays, and field trips? Watch this video to learn how you can easily reclaim hours and make it to the next school play!