You Need To Create Boundaries… With Your Computer!

Hey lawyers! I routinely work from home. I know that some of you are accustomed to working from home, while others are doing it for the very first time. When I first started working from home, I quickly realized that my computer and workstation was always within arm’s reach, just beckoning me to be productive and get more work done. This got a little unhealthy until I learned how to create boundaries. Check out this video for tips regarding how you and your computer can establish boundaries!

Sonrisa’s “One Idea Rule” For Consuming Content

Hey lawyers! If you’re like me, you are always learning and trying to improve the way you conduct business and run your law practice. Sometimes, however, I get overwhelmed at the amount of content out there. Which books should I read? What articles and sources are the best? Should I buy a course to learn how to do X, Y, Z? If so, which course? Or should I just figure it out myself? It can certainly get overwhelming sifting through content. I have adopted a “one idea rule” which helps me to guide my personal consumption of content. Check out the video to learn more about my rule!

How Flexible Is Your Business?

Hey lawyers! We have all likely had to pivot and make adjustments with our businesses lately. It has certainly been a challenge, and I have found myself thinking more and more about business flexibility. I talk a lot about putting systems in place for the operation of my business. However, being able reevaluate and deviate from systems can be equally as important. Check out this video regarding how to maintain functional flexibility in your business practices.

When Is “Good Enough” Really Good Enough?

Hey lawyers! I have been asking myself this question more frequently. When writing and producing for my attorney-clients, “good enough” is certainly not good enough. Instead- client work must be thoroughly completed with accuracy and precision. However, when conducting other business-related tasks, such as creating video content, sometimes perfection can be the enemy of completion. Check out this video for an in-depth discussion to help you determine when “good enough” is really good enough.

Don’t Wait Until Your Business Is Herniating

Hey lawyers! I recently herniated a disc in my spine by overdoing it at the gym. (Face palm, don’t ask, lol.) The pain has been intense, and my mobility has been seriously compromised. I have had to figure out new ways to function and get things done. For example, I found myself facing an upcoming visit from my family. However, my place was in disarray, and I was unable to clean it myself. Check out this video to learn how I solved my problem and how you can take a similar approach when considering the needs of your law practice.

Keep An Eye Out For New Opportunities

Hey lawyers! I know you are all absolute pros when it comes to practicing law and running your law firms. Your law firm is likely running smoothly and profitably. There may, however, be some awesome new opportunities within arm’s reach. Check out today’s video to learn how to identify and capitalize on new opportunities for your law practice!

You Make The Rules!

Hey lawyers! We all face challenging decisions when running our businesses. No matter the type of services you offer as an attorney, and no matter how long you have been practicing law, there are always difficult situations that arise and tough calls to be made. What do you do in these situations? Check out the video for a tip regarding how to handle these tough scenarios!

Next Level Delegating

Hey lawyers! As you know, I go around all day convincing solo practitioners and other law firm owners to delegate. Yes, I pretty much talk “ad nauseam” about how to delegate and the benefits of doing so. The other day, a colleague of mine said something to me that was next-level in terms of delegation skills. Check out the video to learn what he said and how you can take delegation even further to benefit your law practice!

The Secret Skill You Absolutely Need

Hey lawyers! I have been running my freelance law practice for about a year and a half now. I have learned many things along the way- several of which have really surprised me. In particular, there is a secret skill that I have developed over the past year that I had no idea that I needed. This skill was never mentioned in law school nor was it a part of any of my job duties as a more traditional attorney. However, as a business owner and entrepreneur, I use this skill almost every single day. Check out today’s video to discover this top secret skill!

How To Make Hard Decisions For Your Practice

Hey lawyers! Last week was a tough week for me in my business. I had to make a series of challenging decisions regarding situations that were brand new to me. I made it through the week and figured out a formula regarding how to make these tough calls in my practice moving forward. Check out this video for some tips to consider when handling hard decisions in your law practice.