Why You Should Be A Creeper

Hey lawyers! I want to tell you that you should all be creepers… but not in the way that you might be thinking! I recently noticed that some of my competitors are adopting some of the language and techniques that I use in my marketing. In other words, the competition has been creeping on me! However, I am not upset. Rather, I think that this is flattering and smart. I would advise you to also do some creeping around the internet. Check out the video to learn why and how!

The New Way To Consider Time Vs. Money

Hey lawyers! As you know, I spend a lot of time talking about how lawyers and other professionals can save time and earn more money. These are topics that I read about, study, and ponder for myself. I had a recent experience which caused me to realize that I need to be even more discerning when thinking about the balance between my own time and money. In summary, I recently ordered some clothes which were never delivered to me. Both the seller and UPS marked my package as delivered, but I never received my order. The total cost of the clothing including shipping was about $50.00. Like most lawyers would do, I immediately jumped into action to remedy the situation. What I ultimately decided to do, however, might shock and surprise you. Check out this video to learn how I handled the situation and why!

How To Work With Your Freelance Attorney- Part 12: How To Delegate Tasks To Your Freelance Attorney

Hey lawyers! Many of my attorney-clients and potential attorney-clients are a bit daunted at the idea of delegating tasks to a freelance attorney. Some lawyers feel that it would take them too long to even give me work to do, and they might as well do the work entirely by themselves. This is a misconception that is simply not true. With an easy system in place, you can spend 5 minutes (if that) delegating a two hour (or more) task to your freelance attorney. Check out the video to learn how it’s done!

Why You Should Be Audacious!

Hey lawyers! “Audacity” can be defined as “the willingness to take surprisingly bold risks.” A potential client recently called me “audacious.” The comment was meant to be derogative, however, I am so excited about this that I wanted to share the experience with all of you. I have “played it safe” for most of my professional life. To hear someone describe me as “surprisingly bold” is pretty exciting! I encourage you to think about what “surprisingly bold” risks you are taking in your law practice. Which of these risks have or have not paid off? Check out the video to further explore this topic!

How To Work With Your Freelance Attorney- Part 11: How To Start Working With Your Freelance Attorney

Hey lawyers! Thanks for following along with my video miniseries thus far! It is coming to an end soon (sob), but don’t worry- I have more good information in the works for you! In this installment of the video miniseries, I discuss how easy it is to actually get started working with your freelance attorney. It doesn’t cost anything to bring a freelance attorney onto your team, and the initiation process is easy as pie! Or cake… or cookies… I prefer chocolate chip cookies (yum). Check out the video!

Don’t Do This- You Are Losing Clients!

Hey lawyers! I have been trying to work with a realtor over the past couple of weeks, and it has been incredibly frustrating! The layers of unprofessionalism (Is that a word? – I wouldn’t know – #humblebrag) are astounding! However, this realtor has taught me some important lessons that I would love to share with you all. Sometimes learning what not to do is just as valuable as learning what to do. Check out this video to learn what not to do in order to avoid losing clients!

How To Work With Your Freelance Attorney- Part 10: How To Preserve Client Confidentiality

Hey lawyers! I am sorry to tell you that my exciting video miniseries “How To Best Work With Your Freelance Attorney” is nearing its end (sad face). But don’t worry, I have more interesting and useful information in the works coming to you soon (happy face!) In part 10 of my video miniseries, I answer a question that potential attorney-clients frequently present to me. To learn how to preserve client confidentiality in your work with a freelance attorney, tune in to the following video!

How To Work With Your Freelance Attorney- Part 9: How To Avoid Conflicts of Interest

Hey lawyers! Some of my potential clients have expressed concern regarding conflicts of interest that may arise when working with a freelance attorney. Fortunately, it is very easy to avoid conflicts of interest in the process of working with a freelance attorney by taking one easy step on the front-end. Check out the video to learn what this quick and easy step is and how you can ethically work with your very own freelance attorney!

Tips To Improve Your Initial Client Consultation

Hey lawyers! Most of us have an initial consultation that we do with a prospective client before taking him or her on board. I call my initial consultation with my prospective attorney-clients a “strategy session,” but it’s likely the same idea as the initial consultation that you have with your law practice. I consider this process of the initial consultation an “art” and something to be studied, practiced, and improved upon. Before I do a strategy session with a potential attorney-client, I always study and practice. I have picked up a few tips and techniques throughout my studies that I think could help you to improve your initial consultation, take on more clients, and ultimately increase your earnings. Check out the video!

How To Work With Your Freelance Attorney- Part 8: How To Pay Your Freelance Attorney

Hey lawyers! I would like to thank you for following along with my new video miniseries, “How To Best Work With Your Freelance Attorney.” If you have seen all of the installments, I am sure that you are totally captivated, enthralled, and losing sleep waiting for the release of the next part of the series. Well wait no longer, part 8 is here! Some of my prospective clients have expressed concern that the process of submitting payment to a freelance attorney could be complicated, messy, or time-consuming. I am happy to share with you that, fortunately, this is not the case. Check out the following video to learn how easy, seamless, and quick it is to submit payment to your very own freelance attorney!