Protecting Your Law Firm’s Most Important Asset

Hey lawyers! Are you protecting your law firm’s most important asset?My gut tells me that you might not be! Check out this video to learn what your law firm’s most important asset is, and how to best protect it!

The Attorney vs. The Marketer

Hey lawyers! I know you are a great attorney. But are you an excellent marketer? In running our law practices, these roles sometimes compete for our time and attention. One of them, however, is arguably much more important that the other. Check out the following video to learn which role you REALLY need to master!

How To Beat The 80/20 Principle

Hey lawyers! I’m sure you’ve heard of the 80/20 principle... that 80% of your profit comes from 20% of your efforts. I don’t know about you, but I want to better than this- and I want that for you too! With the right strategy in place, 90% of your profit could come from just 15% of your efforts! Want to learn how this is possible? Check out the following video to get a leg-up and learn how to increase both your efficiency and your profits! (Note: Lawyers in MD and TX cannot profit on the markup.)

How To Instantly Have More Time Every Single Day!

Hey lawyers! What would you do if you had one extra hour every day? For me, I could use that hour in SO MANY ways! I would work on marketing and outreach for my law firm. I would add an extra yoga class to my weekly workout routine. I would watch an episode of one of my favorite shows on Netflix. I would do an extra hour of billable work (ca-ching!) What would you do? Want to learn how you can EASILY have an extra hour every single day by utilizing one simple cutting-edge tool? Check out this video to learn how!

Is Your Law Firm Prepared For Emergency?

Hey there! I know you are a confident, competent, and awesome big-boss attorney! You run your law practice like a champion- with hard work, sweat, smarts, and heart. But what would you do if you became very ill? Or if your child got sick? Or if you had to travel out-of-state for several weeks to take care of a parent? Do you have an emergency plan in place to keep your law firm afloat in your absence? Check out the following video to learn why you need an emergency for your law firm and how you can start to create one!

Build Your Team, Don’t Be A Ball Hog!!

Hey lawyers! Are you looking to take your law firm to the next level? Or are you happy with the current status of your firm? If you fall into the first category, I would first ask you to look at your team. Do you have temporary and/or permanent workers to support you? What roles do these people fill? Are you currently filling any roles that you wish to give up? Watch this video where I will walk you through all of these questions and give you tips as to how you can affordably build your team and take your law practice to the next level!

The Solo’s Dilemma- Which Hat To Wear?

Hi lawyers! As lawyers who run our own law firms, there are just SO MANY hats for us to wear! Not only are we practicing law, but we are invoicing, bookkeeping, marketing, doing administrative work, and more! I recently came across a group of solo and small law firm attorneys discussing which hats they want to spend the most time wearing and which hats they are trying to retire. The conversation was FASCINATING with lawyers falling into two different groups. Watch the video below to learn what these lawyers said!

The Best Kept Secret To Save Time… SHHHH!

Hey lawyers! I know you're busy. I know you wish you had more time every week. The good news is… you easily can have more time each week at no cost to you! Want to learn how this secret works? Watch this video!

Q&A Day: J.D. or Freelance Attorney?

Hey lawyers! A friend and colleague of mine asked me the other day why he shouldn’t just use a J.D. or a law student rather than a freelance attorney. Have you ever had this thought? In my opinion, you haven’t really made an impression until people challenge or disagree with you. So to my friend- thank you for asking this question! I look forward to many more challenges and questions from my attorney friends! Anyways, check out the following video to learn how I responded to my colleague. My answer was cool-as-a cucumber and cooler than the other side of your favorite pillow. Check it out! 

The Magic Numbers For Your Law Firm’s Support

Hi lawyers! As many of you know, I work with a virtual assistant. At first, I didn’t think I could afford an assistant. In my mind, an assistant was a high-cost expense available to only the most profitable of law firms. Additionally, I thought to myself, “Why hire an assistant, when I am capable of doing tasks on my own?” I really missed the mark with this type of thinking. Being “able” to perform tasks myself is beside the point. And “affordability” should be examined with very specific numbers in mind. I eventually considered the right numbers and discovered that working with an assistant would help me to increase my income. If you have every considered getting support for your law firm but, like me, think you can’t afford it, check out the following video to learn the magic numbers that will probably prove otherwise!