Surround Yourself With The Very Best!

Hey lawyers! As many of you know, I enjoy working out, and I recently joined a very cool upper-end gym. I used to just exercise at my local YMCA (which I absolutely loved). I got used to being one of the top performers at the local YMCA. It was comfortable exercising at the YMCA, and I felt good about myself. At my new gym, however, EVERYONE is in awesome shape! After two workouts at fancy-pants-new-gym, I can already tell that I am average at best… probably below average. While it didn’t feel good at first to be below average, I quickly realized that surrounding myself with top performers will only allow me to grow. I can study what others are doing to achieve success and steal some of the best strategies for myself. I think this very principle applies to us as lawyers and business owners. To learn how you can improve your law firm by surrounding yourself with high achievers, check out this video!