How To Work With Your Freelance Attorney- Part 9: How To Avoid Conflicts of Interest

Hey lawyers! Some of my potential clients have expressed concern regarding conflicts of interest that may arise when working with a freelance attorney. Fortunately, it is very easy to avoid conflicts of interest in the process of working with a freelance attorney by taking one easy step on the front-end. Check out the video to learn what this quick and easy step is and how you can ethically work with your very own freelance attorney!

Tips To Improve Your Initial Client Consultation

Hey lawyers! Most of us have an initial consultation that we do with a prospective client before taking him or her on board. I call my initial consultation with my prospective attorney-clients a “strategy session,” but it’s likely the same idea as the initial consultation that you have with your law practice. I consider this process of the initial consultation an “art” and something to be studied, practiced, and improved upon. Before I do a strategy session with a potential attorney-client, I always study and practice. I have picked up a few tips and techniques throughout my studies that I think could help you to improve your initial consultation, take on more clients, and ultimately increase your earnings. Check out the video!

How To Work With Your Freelance Attorney- Part 8: How To Pay Your Freelance Attorney

Hey lawyers! I would like to thank you for following along with my new video miniseries, “How To Best Work With Your Freelance Attorney.” If you have seen all of the installments, I am sure that you are totally captivated, enthralled, and losing sleep waiting for the release of the next part of the series. Well wait no longer, part 8 is here! Some of my prospective clients have expressed concern that the process of submitting payment to a freelance attorney could be complicated, messy, or time-consuming. I am happy to share with you that, fortunately, this is not the case. Check out the following video to learn how easy, seamless, and quick it is to submit payment to your very own freelance attorney!

How To Work With Your Freelance Attorney- Part 7: How To Select Your Freelance Attorney

Hey lawyers! I am sure you are wondering how to select your freelance attorney. (I mean, you could just select me and live happily ever after!) No seriously- in the following video, I will try to answer that question as objectively as I can. There are many factors to consider, and different freelance attorneys may best fit your law practice depending on your needs. Check out the video!

Why You Are Doing Too Much In Your Law Practice

Hey lawyers! If you are like me, you are a mega-go-getting-attorney! You have to be driven to, not just practice law, but also run your own business at the same time. There are so many hats that we have to wear on a daily basis, juggling skills and tasks like it’s another day at the circus. If you’re like me, you frequently find yourself thinking, “oh, I’ll just do this easy task real quick.” I have been a victim to this thought many times, and before I know it, my entire day has gone by “real quick.” Check out the following video to learn how you can accomplish more by doing less!

How To Handle Your Haters!

Hi lawyers! As you know, I’m fairly active on social media as a member of many groups of lawyers. I recently came across a lawyer who was lamenting a colleague of hers who was throwing shade her way. The colleague was majorly hating on this lawyer and her law practice. In my opinion, that’s not cool of the colleague. It’s not easy being an awesome lawyer and business owner (like you are). We would be better off supporting one another. However, I started to think. Having “haters” is actually pretty cool. Anyone who has “made it” in any type of industry has mad haters. (I’m trying to find some for myself!) Check out this video to learn how to benefit from having haters!

How To Work With A Freelance Attorney- Part 6: Where Does Your Freelance Attorney Need To Be Barred?

Hey lawyers! I hope you are enjoying and learning from my video miniseries “How To Best Work With Your Freelance Attorney.” As always, if you have any burning questions, let me know! Today, I tackle the question of jurisdiction and whether your freelance attorney needs to be barred in your state of practice. I'm sure that this question keeps you up all night, every night! Check out the following video!

You Are “The Best Lawyer Alive” And Here’s Why!

Hey lawyers! I recently completed a LinkedIn training about “pitching yourself.” It had some good insights that apply to us as lawyers running our own businesses. The training made me think. Essentially, we need to be our own hype-men and hype-women. You know how Jay-Z titles himself as “the best rapper alive?” If you listen, he voices this and labels himself throughout many of his tracks. Have you ever questioned him? I sure haven’t! I think he’s on to something and there are some strategies that we can learn from and apply as lawyers and business owners. Check out the following video to learn why you should be “the best lawyer alive!”

How To Work With Your Freelance Attorney- Part 5: Can A Freelance Attorney Increase Your Profits?

Hey lawyers! Are you interested in increasing your law firm’s monthly, weekly, or daily profits?! (I know I sure am!) This just might be possible for you by making one small change to the way you run your law practice. (Spoiler- The small change involves working with a freelance attorney- shocker!) Check out this video to discover if you can increase your law firm’s profits with the help of your very own freelance attorney!

How To Get To Bed Earlier (Or Stay Up Watching Netflix)

Hey lawyers! What time do you usually get to bed? As a solo practitioner or small firm attorney, are you staying up late most nights working and running your law practice? I have a colleague who was staying up regularly until 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning, answering emails and completing other tasks for his law firm. He made one small change in the operation of his law firm, and now he is able to go to bed earlier and even watch some Netflix at night. Check out this video to learn what my colleague did and how you can get more sleep!