How To Get More Enjoyment Out Of Your Summer

Hey lawyers! Are you interested in having more fun during the summertime? As solo practitioners and small firm attorneys, it seems like we are always working. It can be difficult to really unplug and take a break during the summer. I encourage you to try and have more fun during the all-too-short summertime. In fact, “with a little help from our friends” (la la la- imagine me singing here) you can do more than just “get by” during the summer. Check out the following video to learn how you can easily get more enjoyment out of your summer!

How To Work With Your Freelance Attorney- Part 3: What Tasks Can Your Freelance Attorney Do?

Hey lawyers! In my quest to educate the legal profession regarding how freelance attorneys can be used to help solo practitioners and small firm attorneys, I decided to do a video explaining exactly what tasks a freelance attorney can take off of your plate. Check out the following video to learn what work you can give up to your freelance attorney. WARNING: Prepare to have your mind blown!

When To Use A Freelance Attorney Instead Of A Paralegal

Hi lawyers! When I explain to my friends and family exactly what I do professionally- run my own firm as a freelance attorney- sometimes they respond with, “Oh you’re like a paralegal!” When I hear this response, it makes me want to fly into an immediate fit of rage (just kidding!) Freelance attorneys are not as well-known as paralegals. Freelance attorneys, however, fill a very different and a very specific role in the functioning of your solo or small law practice. To learn when you should use a freelance attorney instead of a paralegal, check out this video!

How To Work With Your Freelance Attorney- Part 2: Benefits Of Working With Your Freelance Attorney

Hey lawyers! I am determined to demystify the topic of “freelance attorneys.” Half of the lawyers I interact with know exactly what a freelance attorney is, while the other half of lawyers have never heard of freelance attorneys. Freelance attorneys are also known as “ghost attorneys,” “support attorneys,” “on-demand associates,” or in my case- “kick-butt-awesome-brilliant-lawyer-lady-to-help-you-improve-your-law-practice-and-your-life.” (Phew, that’s a long title!) Check out the following video to learn exactly how you can benefit from working with a freelance attorney!

How To Stop Multitasking, Save Time, And Increase Efficiency

Hey lawyers! As solos and small firm attorneys, I am sure that you sometimes find yourself multitasking. It feels good to multitask and work on multiple things at once. However, multitasking can actually slow you down, as your brain takes time to switch from one task to another. While you may feel like you are being efficient, your productivity can decrease when you multitask. I also sometimes fall into this trap of multitasking. Check out the following video to learn how you can stop multitasking and actually save time and increase efficiency- fo’ real!

How To Work With Your Freelance Attorney- Part 1: What Is A Freelance Attorney?

Hey lawyers! Video miniseries are all the rage, and I just knew I had to get in on the excitement! I am proud to introduce my new video miniseries “How To Best Work With Your Freelance Attorney”. Stay tuned over the next few weeks to learn about how easy, profitable, and exciting (that’s right, I said exciting) it is to work with your very own freelance attorney in order to take your law practice to the next level!

Let’s Get Ready To Fail!

Hey lawyers! My cousin is a polymer scientist (whatever that is, lol). He once told me that as a scientist, you have to be prepared to fail… most of the time. I thought about this, and I think the same thing applies to us as entrepreneurial attorneys and business owners. In business, we need to be bold enough to take chances and try new things. In fact, I have challenged myself to start collecting as many “failures” this year with my business as I can, because that means that I am working to improve. What “failures” have you collected this year? What have you learned? Have you taken any chances that led you to success? Check out this video to learn about my failures!

Is Your Mindset Holding You Back?

Hey lawyers! I belong to several groups of attorneys on social media. I recently encountered a solo practitioner with mindset that was really holding her back. I don’t know if she even realized how prohibitive her thinking was to the success of her law firm. This attorney listed all of the challenges that she was having in her law practice and then continued to go into detail regarding how things could never change or improve. My question for all of you butt-kicking attorneys is: How does your mindset affect the success of your law practice? Are you holding onto limiting beliefs? Or are you thinking outside of the box? Check out this video to learn how to avoid toxic patterns of thinking that will hold you back!

Are You A New-School Attorney?

Hey lawyers! The legal field is changing SO much! There is now more of an emphasis on technology, digitization, and work/life balance than there has ever been. I think that these changes to the practice of law are excellent for both our personal well being and success as entrepreneurial attorneys. I also value time-tested skills such as quality of interaction with clients, communication, and customer service. Is your law practice moving towards the future while maintaining important old-school skills and techniques? Check out this video to learn how you can be “new-school” and “old-school” at the same time… the best of both worlds!

Embrace What You Suck At!

Hey lawyers! There is an old saying- Find out what you’re bad at, and don’t do it! You don’t have to do everything in running your law practice. You can delegate the tasks that don’t speak to your strengths. You can also delegate tasks that you just don’t enjoy doing. Find people who are better at certain things or more enthusiastic about certain tasks, and work with them! For example, I’m crazy about working in regulatory compliance. Dozens of pages of legal and technical writing? Sign me up for that! (I know, I’m a weirdo.) But these areas aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Maybe you prefer client interaction and litigation. Check out this video to learn what tasks you shouldn’t be doing in your law practice!